A Guide to Buying Couple Shirts

couple shirts

Whether it is close to Valentine’s day or not, buying couple shirts is always one of many romantic things a lover can do to their loved one. However, it is not without challenges. If you buy a shirt that does not match your lover’s taste, he/she will be most likely to dislike your gift. They may say that they love it, of course, but if they don’t wear the shirt on occasions that do not involve you, the chances are that they’ve lied for you to feel good.

Therefore, before you go shopping for couple shirts, read this guide first!

Prefer a Unisex Design

If you are a woman appealing to feminine aesthetics, and your lover is a male, you should not force your taste to him. For instance, you love bears and the color pink, and you want your shirts to have that pink bears printed. No matter how much your man loves you, he’ll feel embarrassed if he wears that shirt. It is better to pick pink shirts with brown or black bear logos printed on them. Men want to keep their masculinity intact, you know?

If you are gay, you should not pick a design based on your stereotypes. Get into your lover’s personal taste, and refer to it for the shirts.

Prioritize Comforts

sweet coupleBesides style, comforts must be the second important factor you must have in mind. And fabrics’ quality heavily affects how comfortable a shirt is. You want 100% cotton shirts for your couple shirts. It absorbs sweat, regulate air sufficiently, doesn’t smell, and it does not stick to your skin when worn. There are many cotton types, though, but you only need the combed or the slub cotton.

Moreover, about the neck design, not all people are comfortable with the round model, especially when it is too tight to the neck. Examine your lover’s owned shirts and see if the majority of them is v-neck or round.

Avoid Eccentricity

As implicitly stated in the first section, you don’t want to express your love in an eccentrically. If you attempt to do so, then you must not feel upset if your lover is reluctant to wear the shirt you buy him/her. To be more specific, avoid having too many logos on the shirt. Sentences that say, “His and Hers,” are also too much. Imagine if your lover wears that shirt without you around. It will be awkward. Prefer logos like pieces of a puzzle. When worn together, the pieces match. Or, two slices of pizza that complete each other.…