Make it More Special by Personalizing a Jewelry

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Giving personalized jewelry to your special someone is one way to let them know that you are thinking of them, and you want to provide something that would mean a lot to them on a deeper level. There are few ways on how to personalized jewelry as a gift.

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Precious Metals

Each piece of jewelry includes different customization options, but it is up to you on which metal you would like to use. You can choose from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Nowadays, you can request which precious metals you would like and have it personalized, depending on the person you would like to give it to. It can also be a good investment as the prices of these metals are consistently appraising.

Spell It Out

From minimalist block decoration to sparkling pavé script, or just a simple name, is an excellent way to personalize it. You can also engrave important dates and other details that matter most to the person who will receive it. Do not be afraid to allow your creativity to be immortalized to the piece you want to give. You can give a necklace with an initial of his or her name, a name necklace itself, a favorite animal, or anything under the sun that would remind the person of the special times or memories you share.

Choice of Rock

Diamonds are forever, and it is a woman’s best friend, as the saying goes. Aside from diamonds, there are many precious gems and crystals that you can add to your piece to make it more timeless. You can pick your birthstone and any other type of rocks that you think suits the personality of the person you will give it to. Not only will it make a statement, but it will also add value to the piece. The piece will become an art that the person can wear and knows the story behind every detail of the jewelry. The rock will accentuate the value and personality of the jewelry making it more sentimental and valuable.

Added Charms

For added charms, you can put a twist on the piece itself to make it stand out. As this a personalized gift, you can have the chain twisted, add some texture, and make it two-tone metal, all depending on your preference. You can add some heart shape if you would like to remember the jewelry as Valentine’s gift, a star for Christmas, and the list goes on.


Engraving is one of the known ways to personalized jewelry. Whether you pick your anniversary, the date you met, or even a cute nickname, she can wear your message daily and wear it as a reminder of special times together.…