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Belt Bags are Back!

belt bag leather waist

Bum bags, fanny bags, waist bags, however you call them, they are back to our fashion scene. Not only are men wearing those. It is becoming famous for women as well. Thanks to our fashion icons nowadays in the name of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and many more who are wearing them right now. It is not only functional like stoma bag covers and belts, but it is also fashionable to wear.

It comes in different names, depending on how you want to use it.

Running Belt

It is now becoming famous for runners. It is convenient and comfortable to wear. You can put it in all the essential things you want to bring while running, like your phone, wallet, and keys. It is usually made of mesh materials, so it is comfortable to wear around. It is stretchable that it adapts to your body movement so the runner can move comfortably.


Belted Satchels

It is usually made of leather, and its primary purpose is for fashion. It is compact, so your small things can fit like your phone, make-ups, and little perfume. You can wear it around your waist or across your body.


Motorcycle Bag

It is preferred by those who usually ride a motorcycle. From the name itself, it is worn around the waist of the driver, so it will not be an obstruction while driving. It is also easy to keep safe their valuable things. It is usually made out of leather to withstand different types of weather while driving.


Fanny Pack

This type of bag is also suitable for traveling. Mountaineers do use this type of bag since it is handsfree. It is used to carry small essential items that are easier to reach than putting on their mountain bags. Most travelers prefer to use this bag since it is very low-key where they can safely keep their travel documents and money. It is not counted as hand luggage on the plane, so you still have an extra bag you can carry to put your things. Your travel necessities are securely tucked away close to your body while giving you easy access.


Bottom Line

However, you want to call this bag, fanny pack, bum bag, or belt bag, and it is pretty sure that it will serve its purpose. Both men and women can wear them and still be fashionable. There are a lot of ways you can wear them depending on your preference, and you can wear it on hips, waist, and even crossbody. It has a minimalist design but a significant impact on fashion and its purpose. A minimalist fanny pack will complement all types of style, whether you go for sporty, casual or trendy.…

How to Pick the Best Beard Oil


Personal grooming is essential if you want to appear attractive all the time. It also boosts your confidence in public. Interacting with others will be a lot easier when you follow the right grooming tips. Those who meet you for the first time will have that positive impression of you because of your appearance. Personal grooming is a practice that cuts across different genders.

Both men and women should do their best to ensure they look good. The beard is an essential part of a man’s appearance. There are different trims and sizes you can try out that will leave you more attractive. Maintaining a long beard is what proves to be a challenging task for most men. This should not worry you because you can apply beard care products that will help them grow long and healthy.

beard trimmingBeard oil is a popular beard care products. This is a type of oil with different ingredients that guarantee your beard long and healthy growth. Using it keeps your beard smooth and reduces the chances of breaking. Some of them will make your beard appear dark and shiny. You should look for the best beard oil to get quality results. Here is what to consider when buying one.


The contents or ingredients of the beard oil you plan to use matter. Look for one with elements that facilitate the growth of a healthy beard. Popular ingredients in beard oil include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. Using beard oil with the right products will help sort out issues such as dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity on your chin. The ingredients are usually indicated on the product.

Consider the Brand

There are various brands of beard oil you will come across out there. Not all of them can offer the kind of results you need. Do your research to find out which brand can deliver the results you need for your beard care routine. The product you plan to buy should meet all the required cosmetic regulations.

Application Ease

You also need to look for a beard oil that is easy to apply.beard oil Most of them can be applied directly using your hands, while others may require special materials. Look for one that is easy to use and will reach all your follicles to offer the care you need. Considering this will help you get the best beard oil.…